big 12 vs texas- norm yell

Acting head coach Norm Roberts yells to the team in the second half of the Big 12 Championship against Texas. The Longhorns defeated the Jayhawks 76-56.

The Kansas Jayhawks were selected as the No.1 seed in the West region of the 2023 NCAA Tournament. The seeding leaves many Kansas fans disappointed as they won’t get to watch their team play in the T-Mobile Center, just 37 miles away from Allen Fieldhouse. 

Instead, the Houston Cougars grabbed the No.1 seed in the Midwest region. 

Sophomore forward KJ Adams Jr. was surprised by the committee’s decision to take the Jayhawks away from a chance to go to the Final Four in their own backyard.

“I’m just shocked that we didn’t get the second overall seed,” Adams said. 

Redshirt junior Dajuan Harris Jr. said he is hopeful that Kansas fans will come wherever the Jayhawks go. If they do make it out of the first two rounds, their Sweet 16 and Elite Eight games will be played in Las Vegas. 

“We got a great fan base, so hopefully they get to travel wherever,” Harris said. 

The committee had a representative come onto the show after the entire bracket was revealed, and the question of why Kansas wasn’t put in front of Houston was brought up to him. While interim head coach Norm Roberts was talking to the team while that was happening, he said he was informed about what the explanation was.

“Its because Houston, even in their losses, they were closer,” Roberts said.

Roberts also went on to say that it could be worse, and said that getting a No.1 seed is a tough task on its own before getting the No.1 seed that is desired.

“At Kansas, we are not going to be upset about being a one seed in whatever region that is” Roberts said. “We’re very happy where we’re at, and now we got to focus in.”

Also getting the short end of the stick was fellow Big 12 Conference member Oklahoma State, who was left out of the tournament. The Jayhawks had the No.1 overall strength of schedule in the country, and the rigorous conference schedule is to thank for that. 

“I feel like they kinda overlooked it a little bit,” Adams said. 

After Saturday’s loss to Texas in the Big 12 Championship, Roberts thought they were still in position to be where they wanted to be. 

“I’d put it [our resume] up against anybody,” Roberts said. “We’ve got what, 17 quad-one wins?” 

Despite predictions, the Jayhawks won’t be playing in Kansas City again this year. They open their 2022 national championship defense with Howard at 1 p.m. on TBS in Des Moines, Iowa, on March 16.